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On 21st January, 2018, celebrate Makar Sankranti by making Flying Aeroplanes at KleverBees, Lokhandwala, Kandivali East


 *Kites* come in various shapes and sizes and can be made of different types of materials that is light-weight and easy to fly

This Sankranti make a GLIDER / HELICOPTER :
Which is light weight and WILL fly without any hassle or trick.  Have you ever flown it? Its a must Try 

Aero Modeling is the fastest growing Hobby & Sport in India.  It is a unique, fun filled and interesting activity of designing, creating and flying aeroplane models from different materials.

Select Any or All
Model 1 : Rubber Powered Flying Helicopter      Age 5+      Fees :  Rs. 700

Model 2 : Balsa Wood Flying Seagull Glider        Age 5+      Fees : Rs. 800

Model 3 : Balsa Wood Rubber Powered Flying Squirrel     Age 7+      Fees : Rs.1000 

Plus Two Complimentary paper plane model will be taught

Workshop Date :  21st January, 2018,  Sunday     Time : 11am to 1pm    Age   : mentioned above

Paytm Rs.200 to book your Planes to fly by 11th Jan  :    9833391941 / 9987973393                                                                  

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Children @ the Mega Event of Billabong High School, Malad West : October, 2016


Workshop at Sparkles Educentre, Kharghar


Children making SUPER GLIDER at Comet Media Foundation



Children busy with Paper Planes @ The Cubs, Wadala