Supersonic Aero Modelers

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School Based Projects


Our curriculum based program  offers exciting modules. The  essence of the program is for children  to have fun while you learn, be creative and have an exciting hobby for a lifetime !

The course if offered for students from  Grades 6 to 12  & conducted during school hours and activity hours.

Scope of  Curriculum :

  • History of Aviation
  • Introduction to Aero Modeling and Aeronautics
  • Introduction of an aeroplane and its various parts
  • Theory of flight
  • Introduction to tools, materials and accessories
  • Introduction to Designing and Building aeroplane models
  • Making models from different materials - Practicals
  • Making models from Balsa wood and learning to fly them
  • Aviation careers
  • Flying Competition
  • Exhibition & Display of models 
  •  Learning Outcomes :

  • Opportunity to the child to pursue  Aero Modeling as a hobby
  • Identify  and pursue his interest in the field of Aviation
  • Introduction to Basics of Electronics and Aeronautics
  • Relates  science theory to practical application
  • Helps in improving  hand-eye coordination
  • Ability to work with plans, use tools and materials and create 3 D models that fly !
  • Think out of the box !
  • Be a winner !

      Key Takeaways :

  • Ability to work with plans
  • Create 3D models 
  • Takeaway models constructed by them 
  • Fantastic interest in a super hobby for a lifetime 


Children at the "On The Move Mega Expedition" of Billabong High International School, Malad West



Children of Kendriya Vidyalaya School, Colaba enjoying the Aero Modeling workshop


Workshop at Rustomjee Cambridge International School, Dahisar with our partners Artshaala


Workshop for Schools sponsored by Essar Foundation & organized by Comet Media Foundation at Surat, Hazira