Supersonic Aero Modelers

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The Rubberband and Propeller Powered Models are made from Balsa Wood. Children 7 years and above learn to create models and also how to fly them. These models are delicate and can fly upto the height of a two storey building.  

The D-I-Y Kit comes with complete step-by-step instructions to make the model from scratch. It also contains all materials to make the model. Along with making the models, children get hands on experience of learning all about science and the aerodyanamics. They can begin with making a simple model and graduate to making complex models. 

               HELICOPTER                SQUIRREL                WARRIOR K5            CHIPMUNK


               WRIGHT FLYER                   BI-PLANE                JUNIOR SQUIRREL            UPCOMING MODEL



The Balsa Wood Glider Models are good for children 7 years onwards. Children learn to cut and make these models  by measuring and cutting the material from step-by-step instructions given in the Kit. All gliders are designed as per the aero dynamic principles such that they glide without the help of a rubber band, propeller or any machine.  You could also use a catapult to fly a glider model !  It gives children expertise & confidence to make a flying model.

            SEAGULL GLIDER                 SUPER  GLIDER                     CHUCK GLIDER                    ZORO GLIDER



The 3D Static Model - Foam planes are good for children 5 to 7 years. They learn to draw and make models  from paper cut-outs given with the D-I-Y kits.  This simple method helps them to relate with and understand the different parts of the plane and also how to make a 3D model from any material and in a simple manner.

The 3D  Static model - PVC and Foam planes, are good for children from 8+ onwards.  They learn to make a model by measuring, cutting and creating them with the help of step-by-step instructions given in the Kit. It gives children  expertise and confidence in making a flying model.

            FOAM AEROPLANE         FOAM F16 FIGHTER PLANE                     F16 FIGHTER PLANE            DOUGLAS FIGHTER PLANE



Glider Toy Aeroplanes are timeless classics.  They come in different colours, shapes and sizes and are good for children from age 5 onwards.  They also come in different materials like polystrene foam, and tough foam which is unbreakable. These toys keep the child busy and happy. 



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